Monday, April 16, 2012

JJ Essentials Diaper Bag Sling

 So I just pulled this out of the back of my closet and my child is 5, so personally I can't call it a diaper bag. I got it for my baby shower, but it never seemed big enough to carry all of our stuff and I forgot I had it until this weekend. We spent this past weekend sightseeing around Washington DC, and I discovered the beauty of this bag. It held everything we needed (displayed below) each day and best of all, it leaves your hands free cause you wear it like a sash, slung across your body.

Where can I get one you say? Unfortunately, I guess JJ Cole doesn't make them anymore cause I searched their website thoroughly and found nothing like it. I did find some on eBay when I typed "JJ Essentials" into the search bar. Generally, they are running up to $24.99 and worth every penny! I will be taking this bag on many more day trips, it's awesome!

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