Monday, February 24, 2014

20 Things to do with Washi Tape

Recently I bought a bunch of Washi tape from Pick Your Plum because I've seen the endless creative possibilities for it on Pinterest. Of course now that's in my possession,
I have no memory of what these great ideas were or where I pinned them among my zillions of pins. 
So that being said, I thought I would hunt down some ideas and create a post to share with my readers. Enjoy!

1. Take plain votive candle holders and make them fabulous!

2. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

3. Decorate your cords with it. 
Especially if you have many that are duplicates in your household,
that way everyone knows whose is whose.

4. Make boring old clothespins fancy. 
{Add a magnetic backing to them and they are perfect to display
your family's artwork on the refrigerator.}

5. Make your school notebook or journal the envy of all friends!
Washi Tape Paper Projects

6. DIY Washi Tape Birthday Cards

7. Update an old desk chair

8. Washi Tape Clutch

9. Washi Tape Light Switch Cover

10. Growth Measurement Chart

11. Spruce up a plain mug.
Image of Washi ceramic mug

12. Jazz up your computer keyboard.

13. Make a dorm room super cool.

14. Take a boring clipboard and make it awesome!

15. Super cute cake decorations for any occasion.
DIY cake topper bunting and cake plate from washi tape

16. Make pretty flowers.

17. Upcycled cool cuff bracelet - what girl wouldn't want this?

18. A cool party decoration!
Here it is complete and hanging: a paper lantern with mini bunting.

19. Make a unique lampshade.

20. Special decorative wall art
How to make washi tape wall art. Easy craft idea by Amy at LivingLocurto.com

Now go washi something fun! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination...


  1. melissa, i LOVE this post! so many great ideas! i'll never do any of them, of course. ;) my fave is decorating your keyboard. fun, fun, fun!

  2. Thanks! I love washi tape, so many possibilities!! :-)