About Me

  • I'm a mom to a beautiful 10 year old girl named Shelby. She makes me smile every, single, day.
  • I have an incredible husband, Keith. I am so lucky to have him, without him life would not be what it is today. 
  • I started my own graphic design business after my daughter was born so that I could be home with her, it was the best decision I ever made, hands down. Second best, saying "I do" on Valentine's Day 2011.
  • I have a dogs and two cats, all of which are rescues. Don't tell the dogs, but secretly I love the cats more. Shhhhhh.
  •  I am an aunt to the three most amazing kids on the planet, besides my own of course - Carter, Blaine and Chloe, and I love them like they were my very own.
  • I grew up in Michigan, but have lived on the East Coast since I was nineteen. .
  • I am a proud dork. Some people say I am not normal, but who wants to be normal. How boring would that be?
  • I laugh, really loud, no matter what, no matter where I am. Some people love it, some people find it annoying. 
  • I hate thunderstorms, I'm not sure why, but they really freak me out.
  • I'm in a band. 
  • I love photography, it's in my genes, thanks Mom and Dad!
  • I am obsessed with Pinterest.com. How could one not be? There is so much eye candy, it's insane. I could (and have) spent days on that site. 
  • I love to cook, which is one of the reasons I started this blog. Everyone was asking me for my recipes. I figured this was easier than sitting down and writing a cookbook. I could be wrong about that, but it's definitely more fun this way! 
  • I LOVE chocolate, end of story.
  • I spent 20+ years in the retail industry, so it makes me even more thankful today and every day that I spend 2 seconds commuting now, I can wear my PJ's to work if I want and my boss is one awesome chick! 
  • I have an unnatural obsession with shoes...but don't most women?
  • When I sing in my car, I sing loud and proud whether I know the words or not. Sometimes I even make up my own words.
  • I went to art school, I went to business school, but the school of life has taught me everything I need to know.
  • My entire home office is painted teal, even the ceiling, it makes me happy just sitting in there and soaking up inspiration from its' glow.
  • My favorite flavor of ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip...always has been, always will be.
  • I don't really like sports. I think my Dad and my husband are a little disappointed about that. 
  • Jeans + Sweatshirt + UGGs = my favorite outfit.
  • Comedies are my favorite TV shows. Laughter is important in life.

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