Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pasta Crab Salad

Here's one of my many recipes that I just throw together
at the last minute and hope for the best!
Now that I have this blog, I have my camera sitting in the kitchen all the time
and I snap away while I'm cooking just in case the ingredients
I randomly throw together turn out to be, well...spectacular.
Lucky for you guys, this one did!

:: Ingredients ::
a handful of cherry tomatoes
fresh spinach leaves
1/4 cup of chopped celery
(1) 8 oz. pkg of frozen edamame
(1) 6 oz. can of lump crab meat
2 cups of cooked penne pasta (or whatever pasta you like)
2 tbsp. pesto
2 tbsp. bleu cheese dressing

:: Directions ::

Start your pasta first, while your pasta is cooking you can do everything else. 
Penne pasta is generally 10 minutes at a medium boil.

Chop your tomatoes lengthwise in half and put them in a large bowl.

Chop celery and put it in the bowl with the tomatoes. 
I usually slice the stalk down the middle and chop into pieces.

Microwave edamame for time instructed, my package was 3 minutes. 
Let it cool and then remove it from the shells into your bowl with tomatoes and celery. (I get my edamame in bulk at Sam's Club, so I always have packages handy for salads or snacks.)

Chop up a big pile of spinach leaves and add it to the bowl with the ingredients above.

Now it's time to add some flavor! Two tablespoons each of pesto and bleu cheese dressing go into the bowl, then mix, coating all your ingredients. I had these packets of salad dressing left over from a vegetable party tray, so I used one of them. (I figured it was roughly 2 tbsp.)

Now drain your crabmeat and add it to the bowl. Add your pasta and fold those two ingredients into the salad. Let it sit about 5 minutes allowing your ingredients to soak in all the pesto and bleu cheese yumminess...then serve.


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