Friday, June 7, 2013

Teacher's Gift Idea

I know I am posting this way too late, because most schools are out for the year, 
but keep it in mind for next year cause it got tears and a big hug from my daughter's teacher.

  • a white gift bag
  • a generic thank you card
  • a mug of your choice
  • a nice plant
  • a sheet of card stock paper
  • some pretty ribbon
  • hole punch
  • crayons
  • tissue paper
  • washi tape
-Have your child color one side of the bag however they choose.
-Have them write something personal in the card and sign it
-Right click and save the image below, then print it out
-Cut around the shape, punch a hole at the top and string the ribbon through it.
-Put the plant into the mug and position it in the middle of the bag
-Take your tissue paper and strategically place it in the bag so the plant and the mug remain safe on their journey to school
-Tie the ribbon to the now "blank" side of the bag with your super cute cutout message.
-Add your card to bag, I sealed mine with some pretty washi tape.
-Voila! Cutest teacher gift ever. Easy peasy.