Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cheese & Salami Platter

This would be an awesome treat for Superbowl Sunday tomorrow!  

We often do this at our house for family get-togethers and open a special bottle of wine to accompany it. It is an opportunity to try new and different cheeses. I try and introduce a new cheese each time, as well as filling the tray with old favorites.

:: Ingredients ::
2 or 3 different kinds of cheeses
Several different types of crackers
Apples, grapes or even sliced strawberries

 Cut into bite size pieces as shown above.


Finding cheeses for your tray:
Most grocery stores have a display like the one above.
Choose one or two new ones and a couple old favs,
just in case the newbies are not well received.

My favorite salami is found at Zabar's

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