Tuesday, November 6, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond!

I love the infinity scarf craze and it's especially awesome for winter time. I came across a pin on Pinterest late last night when I couldn't sleep and I thought I can do that, so super easy!

Here's a link to the awesome blogger who inspired my craft and her tutorial, 
a special thanks to Melissa or Missy as I think she likes to be called @ Pink Pistachio 

 The picture on the left is actually two scarves, the blue is doubled up and the white one just hangs. 
I used scraps I had from another project, so mine are a little different from hers, but I still love them. 
And as you can see, I made two more...one navy and white and one in slate blue! 
The possibilities are truly endless especially if you've got t-shirts you no longer wear, upcycle them and voila you've got something super cute and trendy instead of just tossing them or donating to Goodwill.

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